Davy and I

Davy – the prettiest of them all!

With the closing day behind me and my name before me, I have a lot to live for -a lot to prove. My shadow represents my tragectory into the future, decided by the things I do today…

Pacific Sunset -my first

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Pictures – at last

I’m sure most of you didn’t know this site was here -until I told you, afterwhich you knew, if you know what I mean.

I’m glad to announce that TODAY, at least, the internet is fast enough to log into Blogspot and -so far- upload pictures. This is really a cool deal, because before this I haven’t been able to.

I spent several days in León, Nicaragua with my great friend Davy. We had a blast -thanks Davy and Delmar for the great times.

There’s no getting around it -Davy’s the finest young man you ever met -and he looks it too!

With my back to a closing day and my name before me, I have a lot to live for and a lot to prove. My shadow is a symbol of the things I do now affecting what happens far into the future.

or something…

My first sunset on the ocean proved to be a glorious experience….