One of my favorite things to take pictures of is Sunsets. So much contrast and excellent color. And sunsets are a lot easier to take pictures of than sunrises because you actually are up and around when they happen!

They’re especially special because I didn’t seem them a whole lot in Nicaragua. I’m looking forwards to seeing them in Sta. Rosita -and i suppose I’ll be seeing a good many more sunrises there as well!

A Bug May Appease You?

Here’s a few pictures of my favorite bugs. Actually just two. They’re both favorite -just the first one here is more favorite than the other.

Now honestly, this bug here has got to be one of the meanest, nastiest critters of them all. He has the temperament of a drunk and has got some serious issues on nasty hiney: The Bear Hornet

This critter here. The DRAGON of our state:

This would be a rather close up shot of the head of a….

stink bug.

These little guys are just covered with beautiful little -and no doubt- stinky green spots.