A Few Pictures of the San Pedro River

Happy Thanksgiving folks! No, we don’t celebrate it down here 🙁 at least as a holiday, but we are very thankful for all that God has done for us! So while all of you all were eating turkey and stuffing, we were eating Tomalis and enjoy a cooler day!

The other morning around 7:00 I went with Jeff up the river to pick up a guy. Mornings and evenings are so incredibly beautiful here!

Check out our cool dugout! It’s as tipsy as anything I’ve paddled, but it handles incredibly well.

You all take Care!!



I had the chance yesterday to go with the mission pilot on a flight in the mission’s plane. It was great fun. Especially when the dirt (or mud, since it’s been raining) runway we were trying to land on had cows on it and we had to do a fly by and try again. Due to the weather conditions we did an instrument approach on the return home, which was very interesting to see how it worked.

The Mission Airplane: I should have taken a picture after we got back to the mission. It looked like we had done some major mudding with the machine.

The Guatemala countryside outside of the city:

James, our pilot doing what pilots do:

Guatemala City:

Welcome to Guatemala Airport!