Methods of the Watch Tower

Today the Jehovah Witness stopped by the book store were I am attending. A very nice couple that I know and who work with the Testigo de Jehovah in Santa Rosita.

They asked me very little, read a verse from somewhere from the old Testament that I couldn’t follow, and then gave me an English tract of theirs. They asked if I would be willing to take it and read it -I said I would take it and look through it, though I didn’t promise to read it. They know that our doctrines differ.

Not being very educated on the Testigos (The Jehovah Witnesses), I didn’t try to argue with them. Especially not in Spanish. In taking the track and looking through it, perhaps I have acted dangerously -but I was curious to see what sorts of ‘arguments’ their pamphlet makes. I’m glad I did now -for above all things I feel I understand these people better, and it makes me very sad for them.

Their arguments are well laid, but in such a way as to be compelling. Like an advertisement. I have often been glad of a study in High School in Language Arts about ‘advertisement’ and the methods used, for it has allowed me to understand what I read much better.

It is not my intention to debunk the statements of the Jehovah Witnesses, but to reveal what I believe are discrepancies.

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Let Us Not Be Hasty


It was Treebeard, the oldest living thing in middle earth that said “Let’s not be hasty!” It was his motto. And Ellesar (i.e. Aragorn) who strode around with great strides who patiently awaited the day when he could come into his own.

Today, we have lost the blood of the men of Númenor, and we go about in a great hurry. Are we patient in waiting upon the Lord? The Bible is full of the examples and teachings of waiting upon the Lord.

The LORD takes delight in his faithful followers, and in those who wait for his loyal love. (Psa 147:11)

Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.  (Psa 37:7)

This is one of my ‘photo creations’. I took the photo of the clock, and borrowed the background offline.