Heavenly Music

Back in the last part of January I spent some serious time working on a piece of music “Heavenly Music” arr. Wayne Hooper. After I felt it was nearly finished, I let it fall to the wayside and never came back to finish it. Until now.

Now, with another piece I’ve made my initial jabs at, I decided I needed to finish “Heavenly Music” for better of for worse, and let it behind me and move on to this next piece. An educating experience. While I felt the setting for “The Bethlehem Star” was more of a choral setting (and this next piece will be as well), I didn’t feel like it fit this Wayne Hooper arrangement very well. So I went back to a quartet sound for this recording, with some tweaks here and there.

While the majority of the arrangement is Wayne Hoopers’, the ending is my own creation. Mostly because I didn’t have the music for that part. The last chorus I wanted smooth, like a peaceful ocean. And the ending I wanted a very reflective mood -and the octaves along with the “ooing” I feel accomplished this goal -in my mind.

This music isn’t heavenly music, by any means. It’s a simply a song about Heaven and wanting to go there, and Mr.Yoddo doing his best to send everyone there.




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