What happened 1007 Years Ago?

2014 A.D. That is how someone I work with always writes their dates: A.D., Anno Domini, which translated means “In the Year of our Lord”. Originally, “In the year of our Lord Jesus Christ”. A.D. does not stand for “After Death” (my assumption as a youngster), but it DOES speak of Jesus Christ (my correct understanding, now).

2014 A.D. That’s 1007 years since 1007. So what happened in 1007 A.D.? According to sources on the web, Aethelred the Unready [England](or Ill-counseled) bought two years of peaces from the Danes [Denmark] for 36,000 pounds of silver. Why? Because he had foolishly ordered the massacre of all Danish men in the year of 1002. It got complicated. And bloody. It wasn’t a particularly bright spot in Europe’s history. Not that much of Europe’s history was. Also, Songjaang County was founded, which later became the city of Shanghai (the largest city in the world by population). And a Volcano blew up. And snow fell in Baghdad. That’s about all that’s been recorded specifically about the year 1007 A.D. Pretty unremarkable in the scope of history. Men lived. Men fought. Men died. A Volcano blew up. Rather sad. Yet, somewhere in the midst of all this, the church of Christ was growing. Perhaps someone with more knowledge about the church in this era can enlighten me with all those remarkable details!

So here we are today, 1007 years later in the year 2014 A.D.. What will you do with this year?

I’m not really a believer in New Year’s resolutions. The New Year isn’t the one time in the year where you can turn a new leaf. That can happen many times throughout the year. And it should. If we have to wait until the beginning of each year to re-set, then we are foolish and superstitious. I like for my resolutions to spring from my heart -unbidden and unwritten…because those are the ones that last. Having said that, I took some time during the month of December to cull together a number of things I’ve been mulling over, and have decided to go ahead and implement a number of those in my life. Journaling, exercise, and purposeful living is at the top of my small list of resolutions for the new year. It’s more specific than this, but those are details that are not yours to know.

I also have a list of things I’d like to complete in 2014; Travel to the west coast; build a hacintosh (homemade Mac); learn to ski; visit a few friends; record a few songs; and take a Harvard course through edX. If I don’t get all these completed I’m fine with that, because no doubt my year will fill itself in with many other things that are as good (or better).

I hope each of you have a fine 2014 A.D. 




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  1. Within several decades (1054, to be exact), the Pope of Rome excommunicated/anathematized the Christian east. Major issues at this point included the supremacy (as opposed to primacy) of the Bishop of Rome and the insistance by that Pope that the Filioque clause be included (everywhere) in the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed. Both were innovations by the Roman Catholic Church not supported by Scripture or Apostolic tradition, and unsupported by any ecumenical councils (those councils accepted by most churches). The ties between East and West were strained further by the doctrine of purgatory in the West and the consequent selling of indulgances, the hairsplitting theology/philosophy of the Scholastics, and replacement of the classic “Christus Victor” model of the atonement (the dominant model in the East) with Anselm’s model of penal substitution.

    Of course, there were already ten centuries of Christian history…

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