A Time To Be Lazier (than usual)

Being here (home) where there are no real duties is quite relaxing. I find myself staying up late –very late. I find myself drinking coffee after 8 o’clock at night. I find myself sleeping till 7 o’clock –or later sometimes. I feel lazy. I’m definitely behaving so. But I’m really enjoying myself. I guess laziness is not all boring or all bored. The point of my trip home was for the sake of spending quality time with friends and family –and I’m doing that. I love it. I think maybe I’m discovering my bright future!

I did bumble around today trying to put some crown molding around our new cabnets. But if you’ve ever done crown molding before, you know that the learning curve is slow and expensive to the home owner. After several well-intentioned but seriously wrong cuts, I decided to invite one of my older brothers over for tea tomorrow. I forgot to mention that he’ll have to earn it first.

I do appreciate the extra time I’ve had to soak in some real meaningful internet time. Sometime experimenting with my blogs here with hi-speed internet will hopefully encourage more blogging from Guatemala without me wasting many hours posting. Now I can use Microsoft Word to write, save, and publish my wordpress articles. This means I can do most of my blogging from the refines of my room in Guatemala, without internet. If I can post days while I’m attending the store, this would mean very little time wasting at all. I just need time to write –that is all. But I’m hoping that I can somehow manage to find more of that these last few months in Guatemala. I’ve had this privilege of working in Guatemala, and I feel like I haven’t done a very good job of writing of my experiences there (party because I’ve been tied up with writing the official Santa Rosita newsletter, which I should probably post on here).

So with that said (and I understand that it was very little), I must prepare myself for prayer meeting (which meansI have to quite).