About Me

Nathan YoderHi! I’m Nathan -and thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you find it interesting…encouraging…motivating…and fun! And that you keep coming back for more.

I work as an office administrator at Long Island Lumber in Long Island, VA, sing baritone for Voice of Praise (a small  a-capella men’s enesemble), and attend Bethel Mennonite Church in Gladys, VA.  Above all things, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God. I firmly believe that Jesus is the Messiah and the ONLY way of salvation (John 14:6).

I’m one of those guys with too many hobbies on his hands. I love to hunt, fish, camp, hike, and bike. I keep current on the electronic world, often running multiple operating systems on multiple machines (Windows 8, Linux, OS X, Android, and iOS 6 & 7), and generally believe in the embracing of technology and learning to make it work for me instead of me being used by it.

I also enjoy writing, music creation, using excel, and enjoy a very amateur level of photography (my good friend Eldon Yoder is the real photographer).

My goals for this blog are fairly basic: Good content that is interesting, wholesome, educational, and/or thought provoking! I’ve got some good ideas of how to start, but I’m not going to say what those are, just yet! 🙂