I know most of you don´t even know I have this, and besides I rarely update because the internet in Waslala is too slow to log in here. However, they say the speed is supposed to double about the time I get back, so we´ll see.

Needless to say, Eldon and I had a great afternoon spent shooting pictures. I turned two of those results into prayer cards.

I think this is about my favorite.

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Why, Why, Hello!

I really am a sucker for this. My first blog was a blogspot blog, but when our proxy started acting up with it, that’s when I officially made the change to xanga (www.xanga.com/lasrlogic). Now I’m back, without that proxy to bother me.

But mostly it’s just about pictures. I’m leaving for Nicaragua here soon, and ideally I’ll have fast enough internet to upload pictures and make snide comments. Otherwise I won’t be on here much.

So for a trial run I chose a few great pictures, most of which I took and some of which I obviously didn’t. The good ones. ha ha

Jonah and the Ark I am? And a sunrise! (I love sunrises)


And don’t forget my favorite flower is the tulip. Oh wait!, wait. My favorite flower isn’t the tulip. I thinks its something else, I’m not sure what.

hey ho nelly bly, sing that fiddle, don’t be shy. Ringer Dinger, I’m out of here, to spread the wealth and to spread the chear. Hasta manana or some other terrible day.

and merry christmas

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