La Luna Super

Last week. The moon came closer to the world than it has since 1992 (or 1993 according to one reference). It was big. It was 8% closer (or 14% according to another reference). It was also brighter. It was 30% brighter according one reference (it was noticeably brighter according to another reference).

So I went camping on the hill above Santa Rosita and took a picture. Not a perfect picture. But my setup consisted of holding a binoculars in front of my lens, so it was all very intense.

I love the night sky.

– – –


credits to Wendell Diem for helping hold the binoculars and focus the camera!

A Tiny Hero


She sits there and watches as the white giants come crashing into her world. Terrified she cries forth the anguish of her heart, unwilling to part the two eggs she sits on. For these two tiny lives she has bent her every thought. Through wind and rain she has sacrificed her comfort for the lives of her offspring. As I approached she finally flew –but as I silently stood just inches from her nest she approached once more –and finally landed there oh so close. I admire her bravery –what an example!