La Luna Super

Last week. The moon came closer to the world than it has since 1992 (or 1993 according to one reference). It was big. It was 8% closer (or 14% according to another reference). It was also brighter. It was 30% brighter according one reference (it was noticeably brighter according to another reference).

So I went camping on the hill above Santa Rosita and took a picture. Not a perfect picture. But my setup consisted of holding a binoculars in front of my lens, so it was all very intense.

I love the night sky.

– – –


credits to Wendell Diem for helping hold the binoculars and focus the camera!

The Moon to Rule By Night

We are the frontier of Guatemala – the edge of national park where there are no cities, no electricity, no running water. It is here in the dead of night that you step outside to catch a breath of fresh air and find you cannot breath because of the splendor of the heavens. When there is no moon, the stars give light enough. But when the moon appears in all its fullness, nothing but the sun can outshine it. The stars fade, and the world flickers in the blue light of tranquility and peace.

We as Christians are like the moon –reflecting the light of the Son. Reflect it.


El Naranjo, Frontera